The AIDA Selling Model of Personal Training

I was recently reviewing an MBA marketing book and came across some interesting information.  It says that there are basically two models of selling.  The AIDA model, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.  This model is based primarily on the power of persuasion  and identification of the clients real and perceived problems and allows the personal trainer to play an active and directive role in the decision making process.  According to the book, this model’s primary weakness is that it may be regarded as coercive and not necessarily customer focused.

The other is the Consultative Selling model that is based on asking questions, listening skills, identifying the client’s potential and perceived problems or issues and identifying goals.  From there, offering a solution to their problems and asking for the sale.  The benefit is that it is customer focused.  The weakness would be the more passive, non-directive role the trainer plays in the decision making process.  Not to mention the potential time constraints.

In my experience they both have a place in selling personal training.

Let’s start by talking about the AIDA model of selling personal training.  Professionals often use this model when they have to teach a selling system to their organization or they are giving presentations to a group.   Because of the simple 4-step process of the AIDA model it can designed as an overall generic presentation.  More of a fill in the blanks if you will.   Here’s what I mean.  If you have to give a presentation to a group of people that you have never met before and you have not had the time to identify each of their needs individually, where do you start?

Well following the  AIDA model we start with getting their Attention.  The first thing you have to do is become very clear on the idea you want to get across.

If we want to sell people on the idea of small groups who are you selling to?

A) Let’s say you are launching  a personal training business and you are having a grand opening.  You can use the AIDA model to help launch your business.  Here’s what I mean.  You can do a presentation on the 5 components of fitness and how it will help anyone achieve their goals faster than ever before i.e educational marketing.

I) Here you can talk about the 5 components: Calories and RMR.  Next Cardio, Vitamins and Supplements, Resistance Training, and Professional Assistance books, magazines, videos, etc.  In each of these categories you can go into more detail describing the importance of each one and how they are all important and must be used together.  Features and Benefits if you will.

D) The desire is the emotional aspect that follows the logic of interest.  While we paint the picture of them using the 5 components to achieve their goals  and how when all are combined they accelerate the results and how without each area being covered they are spinning their wheels and will lose out with out your program or help.  If you have read about the fear of loss and desire for gain, you know how to generate this desire.

A) The next action item is how to get started with your service and how you can help them achieve their goals using the 5 components of fitness.

Questions?  Comments?  Want to add to the list? Get involved below.


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