Let’s get down to business, shall we?

If you want to start a new personal training business OR already have a successful one and you’re ready to take it to next level – I am here to help.

To make it easy to find what is best for you – here are common situations and the best products/programs to meet your needs.

YOU have heard about all of my successful case studies – and you are tired of spinning your wheels. You know you are destined for greatness, you just need the right coach and mentor to guide you. This is for SERIOUS students who are action-takers and looking for one-on-one with Michael.


New Trainers – 1 Year or Less as a Personal Trainer

30 Clients in 30 Days is designed to teach you more than the “Sales Skills” other Guru’s try to sell you.  This system is designed to create a mindset for personal training success.  It takes the best trainers in the world years to learn the skills we teach in this one day seminar.

Each skill is a part of a system that can be applied again and again and get more clients each time.   This system will increase your value and confidence almost overnight.  Imagine if talking to new people inside and outside of the gym and asking for money was natural for you.  How valuable would you feel if you had absolute confidence in your ability to get clients in any situation?   This proven step by step system has been designed to get you fast income, with the clients you love to train, as soon as possible.

SUGGESTED SYSTEM:  Learn more about the 30 CLIENTS IN 30 DAYS.


Management Intervention

In this one day seminar we introduce you to alignment strategies.  These strategies allow you to find and develop highly motivated trainers and staff.   These are the same strategies I used to increase sales 500% with the same staff and no turn over.  These strategies can be applied in all fitness situations.  From Personal Training to Pilates to Nutrition.  If you manage staff, this program can be all you need to take them to the next level.

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