Ten years ago there lived a man that was swindled into believing you had to “hard close” personal training clients to achieve your goal of being a successful personal trainer.  His head was filled with stories of huge income, happiness, fun,  and success blocked by quotas, sales goals and pitching friends and family.


The only problem here was this didn’t line up with who he was.  He didn’t want to “hard close” or sell anybody.  He just wanted to train and become a damn good trainer.  So with a clearly set goal, and unwavering commitment, he achieved it.  He created a duplicable system that made people want to sign up with him as if there was no other option to achieving their goals!  It has been call hypnotic and unbelievable, but most important it has been proven to be learnable.    And so beings the legend of Michael Rawski.  The fitness gurus worst nightmare…


As Zig Ziglar so eloquently put it time and time again, “YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE IF YOU JUST HELP ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT.”   We have to learn to serve others, help them to clearly identify their goals, and create a motivating plan to help them safely achieve it.   This my friends is my promise to you.  My promise is to help you learn the skills necessary for you to build an incredible career as a personal trainer.  A career where you are in charge of your time and income.


We’re here for the trainers that care about their clients.  The trainers that care about impacting the quality of their clients lives because they know it will be followed by an abundance of income.  We teach you the skills to develop your business in any market, in any club, in any financial situation.  To top it off, and put our money where our mouth is, we give you a 100% money back guarantee on any products or programs you purchase.  Will some people take advantage of this, probably.  However we are not looking for the hustlers, we are looking for professional trainers that are consumed with becoming the best they can become.


We are here for you.  You will find that the value of the information on the blog is priceless.  It can give you the one idea you need to take control of your business and potentially your life.   Each of the ideas presented have a proven track record of success and have been proven time and time again.   The programs we offer have increased sales the same day they were taught, and it is not unusual to see a 300-500% growth in personal training revenue!


Just FYI…I say we a lot because WE are in this together.  If you have any questions, comments, or just want to give us a shout, make sure to let us know on our blog or facebook page.


To your never ending success and happiness,


Michael and the Team!